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Glitter, Butterflies, and Stuffed Toys: Enter Ani-chan's World

The Scruffy Princess
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So, my last bio was full of a lot of tl;dr. Here's the basics.

I'm Ani.

I like unusual, frilly, bright, avant-garde, and experimental fashions. I have a penchant for taking fashions and throwing them together, even if they're unlikely. Mostly I do it on paper because let's face it, fashion is an expensive hobby and I can't buy everything I like. So don't expect to click here and see any laughable pics, kay?

I can't stand petty behavior. Or narrow minds. If you think you're better because of the clothes you wear, or because you're prettier or richer than others, then you can hit the back button.

I like cute. I like childlike, and I especially like soft, shiny, and sparkly. But don't think I'm naive or anything. Sure, my username may have "princess" in it, but "scruffy" is in front of it for a reason. I'm just as happy blowing shit up in an MMO as I am in a store shopping. I love swearing and telling off-color jokes with my friends just as much as I love painting my nails and doing my makeup.

I'm fairly unconventional, and as long as you don't try to tell me how wrong I am for being who I am, I don't think we're going to have any problems.

It's my cute little WeatherPixie! Now you know what bullshit weather I deal with in SW Missouri! (Plus, I just think it's amusing.)

The WeatherPixie
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